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Lone Wolf Paintball - Infamous Sponsor 2022

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Lone Wolf Paintball

Infamous Paintball is excited to announce Lone Wolf Paintball as new sponsor for the 2022 season!

This partnership makes sense for so many reason but the #1 reason Infamous has decided to partner with Lone Wolf Paintball is because of the people behind the company. Joe and Tony Angeleri have been in paintball since the very beginning. 

Joe Sam Tony Angeleri

Lone Wolf Paintball was founded in 1987 and is still Southeastern Michigan’s premiere paintball supplier. Originally opened by one man whose only motivation at the time was to get discounted merchandise for him and his friends, Lone Wolf has evolved into a multi-location business serving thousands of players every year.

Sam Angeleri

The first Lone Wolf playing field was opened on the property of the Bristol Apple Orchard in 1988 in Almont, Michigan. 

For over 12 years Lone Wolf began to build its clientele and customer base before moving on and expanding to several locations. Just like Infamous Paintball, Lone Wolf Paintball prides itself on being everything paintball! 


Joe Angeleri Lone Wolf Paintball

"To become an official sponsor of the team is surreal for me. I’ve been a die hard Infamous fan since I was a kid so it’s awesome to see things come full circle. Over the years they’ve become one of the best teams in the world and have created an amazing line of high end paintball products. Lone Wolf Paintball is proud to help support the team as they dominate the 2022 season!" - Joe Angeleri (President)


"As 2022 kicks off, I wouldn’t want any other top ranked professional team representing our brand and passion for the sport! Infamous Paintball exceeds all expectations when it comes to determination, sportsmanship, and even their excellent line of top end products! Truly excited to see this come to fruition!" - Tony Angeleri (Vice President)

Lone Wolf Paintball Contact Info
Phone: (800) 875-9653
Email: info@lonewolfpaintball.com

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