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Practice VS Dynasty & Aftermath / March 3rd-4th NXL Las Vegas

  • 2 min read
Friday Travel Day - Heading to San Diego 

Weekend #2 in San Diego, California on the NXL Las Vegas Layout was a huge success, but it wasn't a smooth trip that's for sure! 

We have players traveling from Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Arkansas, Sacramento, Boston, Seattle and even GERMANY! You can imagine with that many different locations, there is bound to be some travel troubles. The plan was fly into LA and drive down to SD late Friday night. Two different cars for the early crew and the late crew. The late crew was supposed to hit the road south for about a 1.5-hour drive around Midnight. Yeah... that didn't happen. Where should we start...?

Brett and Sean from Boston were able to squeak out on the only flight through a Nor-Eastern wind and rain storm with winds reaching over 100 mph. This was not their first flight, not their second flight purchase but their 3rd flight... the new guys weren't about to miss practice! Putting them on the ground at midnight. OH, and the airline lost Brett's bag....

Drew, Cody & Dart the Chicago crew had a man pass out hammered and puke on the aircraft before taking off only to have their flight crew pack up their bags and leave with no explanation. This put them landing at 2AM! 

Bentonville, AR traveler Kevin "Kali" Rudulph actually drove 2 hours to an airport in Tulsa, Ok to fly out on flight that was much cheaper and "in the budget" only to find out both of his flights were delayed 2 hours putting him on the ground around midnight. 

Felix flying in from overseas had a long trip, but only ended up with a couple hour delay landing around 8-9pm... Unfortunately, because he was a couple hours later than Thomas and Travis... he got stuck waiting for the next earlier ride... 

Nate from Seattle made it in as schedule around midnight. 

Detroit and Sacramento travelers made it in on time but much earlier than everyone else causing them to make new travel arrangements south since they obviously didn't want to wait hours for people to arrive.  

After getting all the bags and rental car the "early" group left LAX around 12:30 am putting them to the hotel at 2am. The Late crew didn't get to the hotel until 4:30 am!! Needless to say, Saturday was going to be a rough one but also a long one because guys had gotten stuck with early flights out LAX on Sunday. 


Saturday - Camp Pendleton Practice & Push Headquarters 

(writing in progress stay tuned) 


Sunday - Camp Pendleton Practice & Airport Rush

(writing in progress stay tuned) 


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