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The First ICPL 10 Man Mechanical Event

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The first ICPL 10 Man Mechanical event held at the famous Chicago Badlandz on June 1st-2nd was one for the record books. It had everything you wanted and expected an old 10 man event to have. Fights, overshooting, close games, smack talk, oh and of course... a very dramatic finish. We will dig into that later on.

infamous icpl 10 man mechanical windy city classic 2019

Infamous came into town with a sweet roster made up of some new, some old and some current players. Current players like Ryan Rodarte, Cody Mickowski, Travis Lemanski, Brett Messer, Sean Wyatt, and current Assistant Coach Shawn Jean from the Infamous Wrecking Crew. We even had Infamous veterans such as Chris Laysoa, and Aj Trillet join us. New players ranged from X-Factor's Archie Montemayor and Ryan Brand to Boom's John Kurzawa. We guess you could say this was a different look for the skeleton squad!

infamous icpl 10 man mechanical windy city classic 2019

The team played great all weekend. Making it to the finals and falling short by 1 point. Literally 1 point. We dropped the ball on the count and only needed one more to win head home with the trophy. Instead we took 2nd Place.

Even with such a heartbreaking loss the team had a blast and cant wait for the next 10 man mechanical event. Here are some quotes taken from people at the event with how they felt the event went.

infamous icpl 10 man mechanical windy city classic 2019

"It’s been a year since I’ve picked up a gun but I am so glad that I played the ICPL. Seeing tons of old friends and meeting some new ones this was a nostalgic event for me to say the least. Seeing fields in the woods I played 20 years ago brought back so many good memories and hopefully not the usual poison ivy haha. Finished with a second place 🥈 was a little heart breaking, but still a great showing for this squad. Bringing this group together was also a proud moment for me, we had some current infamous players like @codymickowski32 @rodarte815 @brettbsb @bsb_wyatt, a few ex infamous players like @ajtrillet And @chrislasoya a couple of friends from other teams like @kurzy24 And @kid_arch and a few bad ass coaches like @rybrand And @ntensitycustoms 🙌 10-man mechanical for me is the purest form of tournament paintball. The game we all fell in love with is alive again with the classic format. Looking forward to seeing you all out there at the iron city classic in August and final ICPL in October. Thanks again to all of our sponosors below for making this possible." - Travis Lemanski

infamous icpl 10 man mechanical windy city classic 2019

"We shot some people, we drank some 🍺. It was a swell time. Let’s do it again. Nice to reunite with old teammates and play along side some new ones." - Cody Mickowski

infamous icpl 10 man mechanical windy city classic 2019

"🥈place. Always a blast playing the classic format. Awesome to see the OG's come out and show the current pros they still got it & why they are legends on this format!" - Ryan Rodarte

infamous icpl 10 man mechanical windy city classic 2019

"I’m not in paintball because of Travis Lemanski, I’m with Travis because of paintball. I fell in love with this sport 20 years ago and four years later fell in love with one of the best back players in paintball history. Watching him tear it up against legendary players at the iconic Badlandz Paintball Field during last weekend’s NXL Classic Paintball made me fall in love with our sport all over again. Classic paintball is back - I can’t wait to see who else comes out to play for the Orlando ICPL in October!" - Camille Lemanski

infamous icpl 10 man mechanical windy city classic 2019 


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