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Welcome Back Drew!

  • 2 min read

Infamous was and is part of my blood.  Last year was hard for me not being part of the team and while I made the decision to stay in Chicago and play last year so that I could focus more on work and home, there was a void from not being part of the Infamous squad.  The Aftershock organization has always lend me a hand and the departure was amicable.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by people that fully support me being a part of the Infamous program again.  From top to bottom, the feeling of excitement I have coming back is something that I owe to a lot of people.  It feels good to have Travis and everyone on the team express their acceptance for wanting me back on the team and it feels good to be wanted on such a great program.

This transition feels smooth, this will be my 5th season on Infamous.  I won my first PSP event with this team, and some of my favorite memories and tournament wins came with this team.  I know what to expect out of the Infamous organization and they know what to expect out of me.

I look forward to this season and am excited to work hard to be a contributing factor to a great team. - Drew Templeton 

Drewbie is the prefect fit for Infamous, not only is he an extremely versatile player able to play all over the field, He already knows our system, and shares the same infamous mindset, that we can’t teach - Travis Lemanski

I am very excited to have Drewbie back on the squad. He fits perfectly with the direction the team has been trending. When you are trying to stay consistent it really helps knowing what to excpet out of your teammates, & we know what to expect out of Drew. I look forward to playing with Drew again! - Kevin Rudulph

Drew has played 4 seasons with Infamous starting in 2012. He was a key contributor in the 5 Tournaments he has won with Infamous 

(Nppl Chicago 2012 PSP Chicago 2012, PSP Dallas 2014, World Cup 2014 & PSP Dallas 2015)

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