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5 Tryout Tips

  • 3 min read


// 5 Tips to crush your tryout 

1: Show up with plenty of time to gear up, warm up and on the field.
You do not want to be late, you do not want to be dragging ass on the field trying to fix your gear or anything like that. You want to show up with plenty of time to have paint loaded, everything ready to go and try to be the first one on the field.

2: Be open to constructive criticism.
A lot of times you see players who think they know it all and they don’t.  Chances are the team that you’re trying out for is not going to pick up a know it all. The best thing to do is to take all the advice you can, not necessarily having to do exactly what they say but take the criticism, store it, bundle it up with other critiques and come out with a happy medium. 

3: Make sure you have working equipment.
This is a tryout and is not the time to find out if your gun all of the sudden works. Show up to the field with equipment that works and if you don’t have equipment that works do your best to find some before you show up to the tryout. You don’t want to be that guy walking around the field asking for a tank asking for a pack asking for anything. You want to show up and be ready to play. If you can, trying and bring back up equipment too! Just incase something breaks while your trying out. 

4: Be friendly and Introduce Yourself. 
If you don’t know everyone or anyone on the team do your best to meet them before you start playing. This is another area where you need to show up with plenty of time to be ready. Get to know everyone that will be evaluating you. If you introduce yourself right away, you’ll be more recognizable during and later on. A great attitude goes a long way. If you’re the guy on the field that is encouraging and has an upbeat spirit that will help lift up the people around you, sounds like a great teammate to me! Anybody who’s negative only hurts the team in every way possible so be a team player, have a great attitude and have some fun out there!

5: Before you get on the field make sure you are warmed up and ready to go. At a lot of tryouts the team will put you through a warm-up and get you ready to go but some may not. Some might say here we go let’s play but you want to do your best to make sure that you are ready to go. You don’t want to walk out on the field and not be sweating. You want to have a heart rate going. You don’t want to be pulling any muscles or going out there cold. If you walk out on the field and you haven’t shot your gun yet, that first time you go to shoot your gun you might completely miss your target because you’re not dialed in yet and that would be embarrassing. 


We hope you can take these tips with you to your try out this off season and crush it! Funny thing is all of these tips can be carried over to every time you head out to practice or plan to play with a group. Being great at your craft comes down to discipline.

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