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  • 2 min read

After reviewing the layout and some matches, we felt we should share some shots that might help you and your team. Leave a comment and let us know what you think! 


SHOOT THE SNAKE WIDE & INSERT: From the back center, over the top but fading to the Dorito side you will get a great angle on the first snake insert who is most likely running and shooting to that spot. Deep on the back line so aim high. If you think a team is running to the snake insert or the "God" Bunker you might be able to catch that player with a blind shot over the 50.


KILL THE DORITO RUNNER: Step out on the Dorito side, not to far so the Back Center can see you but far enough out so that you can see the Dorito landing zone. Shoot your shot and either fill out or go back to the back center. I also show how you could wrap the back center on the break and possibly shoot the tall tower on the snake side on the break. Also pictured here is a potential bounce shot from the back center, off the tall Dorito Tower, bouncing into the Dorito Can. 


SHOOT THE SNAKE: To make this work you have to sprint out past the Back Center Danger Zone and pull up and get your first ball right over the back of the snake beam. Or if you think they aren't going to the snake you do the same for the God Bunker. From here you either sprint up to the Can or Fill over to the Snake Tower. If they team you are playing likes to go to the Doritos Can and shoot towards the snake side it is probably safer to go over to the tower or make sure you are running up to the Can very fast. 


POSSIBLE BOUNCE SHOTS: These are all untested bounce shots but angles that could possibly work depending on your field layout and even the paint. Use this as a way to open your mind to shots that might not be so obvious. 


We will add more to this Thread if we come up with anything else we think you should know! Thanks! 

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