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Paintball Nutrition

  • 2 min read


By Kevin Rudulph, Thomas Taylor & Phil Shredder

Proper Nutrition while playing paintball is vital to a successful practice or day spent at the field. Too many times we see players spend the whole day at the field without eating anything! Your body is burning fuel like crazy when you're at the field grinding and giving everything you have to play your best. To play your best your body needs energy aka food!

A lot of times we hear people say, "Man I hate taking a lunch break because I feel so tired and sluggish afterward, lets just power through." Well thats probably because you take your gear off and mentally shut down while you stuff your face! If you are giving your body the proper fuel throughout the day evenly you will be able to play longer and stronger.

Here are some tips for proper Nutrition while at the field.

Snacks: Fresh fruit like apples, oranges, bananas can be found in most hotels on your way out the door and should be taken full advantage of if possible. Healthy High Carb bars and nuts are a great source of energy to snack on throughout the day. 

Water: Dirink as much water as you possibly can. As we like to call this, "The Jug Life" here on Infamous because the guys will literally carry around a jug of water with them all day! Its very important!

Electrolytes: It is important to replenish your body with electrolytes throughout the day with drinks such as Gatorade but drinking too much instead of water can have a reverse effect. There are a lot of sugars in these drinks so look for the low sugar versions and stick to a 3 to 1 water ratio. 

Caffeine: A little bit of caffeine in a pre-workout or cup up coffee isn't a bad idea  to get yourself going and give yourself a little boost BUT do not intake too much! You will be very susceptible to the "crash effect." leaving you tired and worn out much faster than you want.  

It's important to snack on healthy eats throughout the day to have your body in peak performance all day long. Make sure to eat a nice clean carb dinner to reload for the next day! 

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